Triton Audio FetHead (Review and Demo)

Are you frustrated with having to crank up your audio interface preamps just to get a good signal with your dynamic and ribbon mics? Well, I have good news: now you can say goodbye to hiss…with the Fethead.
Triton Audio FetHead

Want your podcasts and YouTube videos to sound more professional?

No more having to crank up your audio interface preamps to get a good signal with your SM57 or SM58.

The Triton Audio FetHead really is the podcaster’s secret weapon.

Have a home studio?
Do voice-over work?
Create YouTube videos with commentary:

Well, this little piece of gear is essential for you…

So how does the FetHead work?

The FetHead adds +20dB of clean gain to your signal chain and lets you get the most out of your mic locker while also allowing you to keep your audio interface preamps in their sweet spot.

Short answer: it’s an unbeatable value and anyone who is serious about their audio quality should pick one up.

In this video, I share with you my in-depth review and sound demo of this fantastic inline mic preamp.

How does this compare to the Cloudlifter? Who should buy one? Let’s take a look…

Visit the Triton Audio website –>

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