PSP StompDelay Tutorial and Review

In this 25-minute video I walk you through every feature in this new PSP delay plugin as well as show you several examples of it in action.

It sounds absolutely amazing on guitar and bass, but also is capable of creating some crazy effects. Check out the dub groove improv jam later in the video and you’ll hear how gorgeous StompDelay sounds. Towards the end of the video, I try the StompDelay on my voice and the results are CRAZY. Such a great plugin for creative sound effects…another winner from PSP.

Will this delay replace your favorite DAW stock plugin? Maybe, though probably not. But in my opinion, it’s strongest when used as a creative/sound design plugin that will transform your pads or soundscapes into insanity or chaos if pushed hard. You could use this as an everyday delay if you want, but personally I think PSP Echo is deeper and a bit more capable if I have to pick only one plugin. But many people will find StompDelay to be FUN to tweak and mess around with – such an inspiring plugin! I still have a soft spot for Echo though…

For the intro price of $49 it’s a steal. Highly recommended. If you like this plugin, check out their ECHO too – it’s a full fledged tape echo delay that is among the best out there…

PSP StompDelay Link:


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