Prayer for the Dawn

(flute, violin, viola, percussion, & piano)
with optional improvised & staged choreography

Prayer for the Dawn is based on the writings of J. Krishnamurti, who was perhaps the most influential theosophist of the twentieth century. I was drawn to these writings because of his strong convictions about human nature and his beliefs in exploring primary human emotions. I originally composed this piece to be performed with a contemporary dancer for the purpose of emphasizing and expressing these human emotions through the fluid motions of actual movement  I felt this would help display the different relationships between time and nature. In order to musically acknowledge Krishnamurti’s philosophy on nature and human nature, I envisaged the flutist breathing throughout the piece in a way that would contribute to the overall presence of what I believe is the very core of true human nature: breath.

Initially the piece began to take shape with a pitch-class set of seven tones that provided the primary material of the piece. Next, I extracted several important intervals from this set and use them to derive fragments that I would use later in the piece for the ‘past remembrances’. Finally, I decided to choose new pitch material in order to create cells that would correspond to each ‘event’ from Krishnamurti’s journal entries and discover what new relationships could be formed between them. Throughout the piece, as I moved from cell to cell – event to event – I would make certain that there would be overlapped pitch material from each cell that would either foreshadow an upcoming occurrence or show the fading away of another. These seemingly random intervallic interjections act as a form of musical glue for connecting each movement to each section of the piece.

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