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Triton Audio FetHead Review

Are you frustrated with having to crank up your audio interface preamps to get a good signal with your dynamic and ribbon mics? Say goodbye to hiss...with the Fethead. How does the Fethead compare to the Cloudlifter? Who should buy a Fethead? Let's take a look...
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Multimedia Programming with Pure Data

Multimedia Programming with Pure Data Looking for a book that guides you step-by-step through building a variety of interactive multimedia projects? Want to create projects like simple animations or a program that uses the Microsoft Kinect camera for human skeleton tracking? This book has got you covered...and the real star of the show is the GEM library (Graphics Environment for Multimedia)...
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PSP StompDelay Tutorial and Review

In this 25-minute video I walk you through every feature in this new PSP delay plugin as well as show you several examples of it in action. It sounds absolutely amazing on guitar and bass, but also is capable of creating some crazy effects. Check out the dub groove improv jam later in the video and you'll hear how gorgeous StompDelay sounds. Towards the end of the video, I try the StompDelay on my voice and the results are CRAZY. Such a great plugin for creative sound effects...another winner from PSP!
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The Science Behind Beyonce’s Lemonade

Beyoncé has dropped a surprise new album on us and it's amazing. Here's my in-depth review / reaction! This video features a mashup of audio engineering, science (acoustics), and artistic creativity. Oh, and there's a little Monty Python humor in there for good measure. Can you pick it out? Plus, there is one REALLY BAD thing about Lemonade that holds it back from being flawless. Ready to have your mind blown?
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