Hi there. As you’ve probably noticed, my bio page is not looking very good at the moment. I’m working on updating it and getting this new website up and running.

I can tell you that I wear many hats.  As you’d expect, this causes me to have a pretty bad case of hat hair pretty much all the time.

I’m not really a fan of doing the whole self-promoting thing, but I promise that I’ll update my page soon with something a lot more interesting than a few paragraphs of lorem ipsum.

Here are a few fun facts to hold you over while I’m updating the website:

  • Prior to officially declaring my major as music theory & composition, I originally was MUED
  • I composed my very first piece when I was in 7th grade – it was terrible
  • I enjoy writing music for modern dance, short films, and hybrid-multimedia installations/collaborations for the stage
  • I am creating e-learning content that focuses on various topics including: Pure Data, LilyPond, and sound design
  • I love discovering new sounds and creating sounds that have never been heard before
  • I’m particularly interested in fusing elements of sound design with new classical concert music
  • I have worked as an independent audio engineer/sound designer for the past ten years
  • My music company offers royalty-free production music, sample libraries, ASMR content, and original source material for sound designers (new website launching 4/21/18)

Thank you to all of my teachers for helping me to become the musician I am today. I am so grateful to them for their dedication, motivation and inspiration. They never gave up on me. Each one of them always pushed me to be a better musician, a more confident performer, and to believe in myself.

I would like to one day become a professor of music where I can help guide, encourage, and nurture young composers as they grow to shape the course of the next generation of new classical and concert music.

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